The IBF thanks the following groups for sponsoring us in our efforts. They donated funds to help make the Assembly of Extraordinary Bakers possible and affordable, and we have pledged that any money leftover from the Assembly will be donated to the Bake A Better World program. Everyone on this page supports the artisan baking community in very real ways, and we hope you have some time to learn more about them.

BBGA: Intergalactic Sponsor

bbga-logo-rev-rgb-sm“Supporting the Intergalactic Bakers Federation is the perfect opportunity to promote the core mission of the Guild, to shape the knowledge and skill of the artisan baking community through education. The Federation is going above and beyond that by sharing that knowledge and skill with others who will use it to build fulfilling careers of their own, extending the reach of their work infinitely. We are thrilled to be able to support such a worthwhile and genuine effort.”

King Arthur Flour: Solar System Sponsor

kaf-logo-text“King Arthur is excited and proud to support the Assembly of Extraordinary Bakers because we believe that sharing baking knowledge spreads the Joy of Baking around the world.   We applaud the efforts of IBF to do good work in the community and to provide opportunities and inspiration for all.”

Lesaffre: Solar System Sponsor

lesaffre“Lesaffre is extremely proud to sponsor the Intergalactic Bakers Federation. Our aim is to help more people discover the world of baking through shared learnings and experiences.  The IBF is committed to this same goal, while also giving back to the community through their Bake a Better World initiative.  Giving back to the community is a large part of what Lesaffre is all about!”

Plugra: Earth Sponsor

“Plugrà European-Style butter is proud to support the Assembly of Extraordinary Bakers and the Intergalactic Bakers Federation. Plugrà has inspired bakers around the world in their culinary explorations for decades and is delighted to support this distinguished community.”