Introducing The Intergalactic Bakers Federation

The Intergalactic Bakers Federation (IBF) was founded to celebrate the joy and generosity of artisan bakers around the world. We are a benevolent organization seeking to bring bakers together to do good work, share knowledge, and have a little fun.

Through their involvement with the Louis Lesaffre Cups and the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, Solveig Tofte and Pierre Zimmermann (the founders of IBF) know that great things happen when bakers from different walks of life get together – we learn new techniques and new products, we see challenges and opportunities in different lights, and we are inspired to be useful to our communities through education and volunteer work.

11 thoughts on “Introducing The Intergalactic Bakers Federation”

  1. Greetings Solveig!

    Thanks for swinging by our bakery on your way out of town – we are sorry we missed you but hope you found some treats for your travels.
    We would like to formally join the IBF and would like to know the protocol for membership. Have ship. Will travel.

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