An Assembly of Extraordinary Bakers

In April of 2017, we invited a group of very talented bakers from around the world to come to Chicago for a weekend of dynamic demos and some real international camaraderie. We are so thankful to everyone who participated, and hope that everyone returned home with some new friends, a renewed sense of purpose, and an increased sense of belonging to a vibrant world.

See photos of the weekend here!

The Intergalactic Bakers Federation was founded to celebrate the joy and generosity of artisan bakers everywhere, and this Assembly was our inaugural event. We are a benevolent organization seeking to bring bakers together to do good work, share knowledge, and have a little fun along the way.

This year we held this inaugural Assembly, worked with After School Matters, and have partnered with the American Refugee Committee to coordinate job-training trips to refugee camps in Asia and Africa. Next year we will travel to a refugee camp in Rwanda, present our breads and mission at Egast in Strasbourg, and will start planning for the next Assembly to be held in 2019.

We believe great things happen when bakers get together. Please join us!

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